Residential Glass Solutions – Kitchen Backsplash, Vanity Mirrors, Shower Doors


Shower Enclosures

Glass Shower Enclosures bring the ultimate in luxury to any bathroom. All glass shower enclosures installed by Gilbert Glass and Mirror is backed by a complete, full-year warranty against
leakage or defects. Availability—the fastest turn-around time in the industry and our price-match guarantee on most framed or frameless shower doors has made Gilbert Glass and Mirror the
leader in the glass shower enclosure market. Click images to enlarge.

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Glass Tub Enclosures  

Glass Tub Enclosures are a beautiful and practical alternative to shower curtains. Glass tub enclosures are more hygienic than curtains, allow the passage of light, and bring an open feel to an otherwise small bathtub. Installing a glass tub enclosure from Gilbert Glass and Mirror is probably the most recession-proof investment you can make this year. The tub enclosure makes life
easier for a new mother who will often bath her baby in the tub. Click images to enlarge.

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Vanity Mirrors

Mirrors: Placing the correct size and type of mirror in the right place can transform any room and give it a more open and spacious feeling. Whether it is a mirror for your bathroom, bedroom,
living room, closet, or exercise room, we can custom-cut your choice of mirror and deliver it in record time. We only use mirrors manufactured in Canada. Bevelling, Polishing, holes, notches,
cut outs, etc.—everything done with high precision and years of expertise. Click images to enlarge.

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Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash: In recent years the availability of Starphire Glass for customized back painted backsplashes for Kitchens has increased dramatically. This product is now very popular, as
well as its appearance. We can help to make colour matching much easier by eliminating the tint in the glass when using the Starphire Glass. We can also customize this application using
clear, black, bronze or grey mirror for your Backsplash. Standard white back painted can be upgrade to any color. Click images to enlarge.

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Glass Staircase

Glass Staircase: Glass-inserted railings can be customized to satisfy any personal taste preference, from the clean and simple to complex artistic designs. Glass Staircases provide elegance
and sophistication, blending in with any style of exterior, but they are also low maintenance. When you have a stunning view that you want to make the most of glass-inserted railings
are your best bet. Our glass-inserted railing feature glass panels allowing for an unimpeded view that is unparalleled by any other. Click images to enlarge.

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